At the end of a busy career, I decided to retire in a
nice sunny place. Having travelled throughout South
Africa, I finally arrived in this beautiful area of
Upington in the Kalahari, where the horizon never
ends, the sun is always shining and where at night it
seems that you can pick the stars with your hands...
Simply: I fell in love with the Kalahari.

Being a musician and opera lover, the name that
immediately came to mind for my guesthouse, was
"Fugue" ; the fugue is a beautiful musical movement
flowing like the water and the sand. The French term
"faire une fugue" also means 'going away' - as I did. It
follows that the bungalows and rooms here are named
"Vivaldi", "Mozart", "Rossini", "Bach", "Chopin" and

So here you have " La Fugue" Guesthouse - my little
paradise which I would be delighted to share with you..

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Northern Cape

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